issues with iPhone

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Andrey Bessonov
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issues with iPhone

Hi there.Just bought RoboMe for my 10 y.o. daughter and trying to configure it.i've three issues, may be someone knows the answers or solitions..

  1. there is no Telepresence functionality. I've watched this video (, actual app for iPhone doesn't have button for registration (no Facebook and no email registration, there is just no button for registration anymore). As far as i understood, WowWee turn down the Telepresence server and there is no solutions, am i right?
  2. i installed app on iPhone and trying to customize the action with my own voice asa a trigger. So, after the configuration the app on iphone must recognize my voice and launch some actions (as i configured in the app). The issue is: if i don't connect iphone to RoboMe and test the voice recogntition - it is working, app show me it gets my voice and recognize it (green check mark on microphone icon inside RoboMe app). But it doesn't recognize my voice when iphone is connected to RoboMe. It seems the iphone's microphone is turn off in connected state. Does anyone have the sulutions?
  3. I've configured custom script for some trigger. For example, when i pick the eye - RoboMe must tell me something (from the audio file), turn left and move forward for 1 sec. The issue is - RoboMe play the audio file and that's all. No movement commands can be launch from the iphone head of RoboMe. What the problem here? 

Thanks for your answers :)