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Wowwee Joebot - how do I sell mine second hand?

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Hi, I have a Wowwee Joebot. His legs have faded to yellowish, but otherwise he is in good working condition. Just put some new batteries in and he won't shut up now. I originally bought him for my son Joe, but he says he's "too old" for him now. Is there a market for second hand Joebots? Should I just put him on eBay? Or is it not worth it and I should keep him for my nieces and nephews to play with when they visit?

Wrex the Dawg: problem with wheels!

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After a couple of years of thoughts and search i finally have Wrex the Dawg. I love his unique "dieselpunk" design and personality.

But as soon as i took him out of the box, i found a problem - he can't move around! Everything else is working - rolling eyes, commands, ears and etc. Except wheels.

They spin only when you holding him up, the motor is working. When you put him down on any surface, he stops working, the motor makes sounds like it trying to do something but there is not enough "power" to move Wrex around.

Femisapien not powering up

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I have just registered to this amazing community and I'm a total newbie,

My WowWee Femisapien has lately suddenly stopped working.

When I turned her on the last time, she started performing her start up ritual and in the middle of it ,she simply stopped.

Only the red LED lights on her wrists are turned on continuously.

I've replaced the batteries with fresh new ones but no luck.

I even tried moving the batteries out for 24hours before trying turning her on again, but that  didn't work neither.

Resurrecting the Wowwee Animatronic Elvis Bust

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So, it has been some number of years (wow 6 years already!) and I have been out of the scene, but that just means I am wiser now than before. My toolset, experience, and skills have grown significantly.

Just a month ago, I purchased a 3D printer. Obviously my love of all things animatronics has not changed one bit. So, now that opportunities have opened up again, I am in the process of re-designing the mechanical internals of the Animatronic Elvis to use standard servos. I still have 4 of these busts. Time to put them to some use.

Black Panther

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I have a radio controlled black panther I was trying to get info on. it is from 2001. it has 6 buttons on the remote, 3 sensors on the body for interaction and it is also able to be controlled by your voice. any info will help

Tri-bot sensors are positioned too high, any successful mods?

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 IMHO, the main design flaw for Tri-bot is the position of his IR obstacle avoidance sensors. Although he has a pair of IR emitters, his IR receiving sensors are a foot above ground, preventing him from seeing any obstacle below his chest level, and thus grinding his wheels and gears when stopped by something that is below 20 cm from the ground, which is most obstacles other than walls or people.

Barry B Benson model

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A couple of years ago, I've bougth a Barry Benson model 4051.

Problem is that the led under the Barry's neck does not blink anymore.

Control batteries are ok but ... maybe the Barry internal batteries was due, could be ?

Is there any chance to replace or test it ?

Is the internal batteries into the Barry body ? or into the head maybe ?

Thanks for your help.

Slds, Dec

Need help with identifying a wowwee robot!!! PLEASE!

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Hello Robocommunity members!!  I need your collective wealth of information to help me identify a robot I have from the WowWee 2000 model year. I DO know he was never sold in the U.S.  He has a fully human face with an eye attachment on the right eye....think Borg from Star Trek. Black hair.   Fully articulated human body with what looks like armored body wear. Arms are partially exposed flesh. Purple, black and gold accents.  Has a holster attached to his left leg with an ammunition belt and what look to be metal flying disks in a holster on his right.