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roboquad and roboremote+app for android, help

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Hello, I need help with my Roboquad, I bought roboremote for phone, and I installed the official app for android, the case is not responding to the orders of roboremote.only responds to sounds and ambient light (bright-dark).if I put my hand on her face, does nothing will be damaged?the receiver LED is dark, it's normal?

I have seen with a camcorder that roboremote light flashes when you press the touch screen phone.

help please

PS: sorry for my English

How to revive an oldtimer Dinotronics Triceratops

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Hey Robo-dudes,

I bought this vintage oldtimer Triceratops on a second-hand market, i inserted batteries, and it worked for about 30 seconds. After that, dead as zed.

I assume this "MES-34054 WowWee! Dinotronics Triceratops" has a start button ? If i'm correct, it must be located on one of the rear leggs. But how to proceed now ?

Is there a way to fix this without stripping the whole Dino ?


any help would be much appreciated cause i really want to see my twin suns their face when they see their Dino alive and kicking !

removing arms

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I need to remove the pin holding the elbow on (I am trying to take it off a parts robot to put the joint on a working robot). Is there a trick to popping the pin out? If there is not, is there an easy way to remove the entire arm. I see a screw in the shoulder but cannot get at it.

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