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changing roboquad's sounds

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Hi!  I just ordered my first robot!  I got a roboquad and I was wondering if it was possible to change the sounds that the roboquad makes.  I have some programming experiance so if it required me to do something in the SDK or anything I'd be capable of it.  I was just wondering if there was any way to do it.


Thanks in advance for letting me know~


roboboa problem to move help me !!!!!

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i m french boy, sory for my english, he is old..... :-) 

i have 2 roboboa in my colection

And when i want to restart,after a few month, my robots.

there one big problem:

the sound and the light they are ok but the robot don't move croetly.

can you help me to find one solution ?

best reagard..



roboboa probleme after don't a few time

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i french, excuse my language...


 i don't use my boa since 9 month

I decide to restart this robot but:Cry

he run on the lights and sound corectly but the mouvement it's wrong

roboboa don't move in good position; but the sound and the light, they are good

Some people have one solution for me please ?Laughing