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Lost Tribot found dead!

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I found this forum while searching for help for the little guy, thought I'd sign up to ask for tips. As much as I love robots, I'm not really that great with them and have little, ah, mechanical experience. But I got this little guy for Christmas a couple years ago and lost him maybe a month later. He worked for that month when I could get around to playing with him, but now that I've found him again...

I removed the corroded old batteries, cleaned out the corrosion and put in fresh new batteries. Perhaps not surprisingly, no go. But I had hoped nonetheless.

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Is this a Robopet? Different remote control...

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Hi guys! :)

I got the chance to get a Robopet for a low price.
But what makes me wonder is the different remote control on that offer's picture, it has only two buttons on the bottom instead of three. Is this a genuine Wowwee Robopet? Maybe just a different version? Or the wrong remote control offered?
Look at this picture: http://cache1.willhaben.apa.net/mmo/6/471/266/36_556261165.jpg