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Mulberry 2013 series in London fashion week

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Mulberry 2013 chun xia series in London fashion week period in Claridge 's hotel English tropical garden began, the new series is the creative director Emma Hill described as will Mulberry English village tradition and summer ShaBing of tonal fusion and become, classical cutting process and the design concept of the 70 s by a new explanation.

WowWee Light Strike I.T.S. provides a great base for robotics

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I stopped in to a GoodWill store and found 3 WowWee Light Strike Intelligent Targetting Sytem's for $3.00 each.  I bought all 3...


I just saw these on Amazon for less than $10.

New Joebot-New problem Awwwwwwww!

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I have send my old Joebot (he was broken) back.

Now I have a new one.

But he is also broken!


The Problem:

I turn him on, press a finger Maybe the dance finger and then?

In the Dance (or in any other animations) he stops, and does not moveing.

The chest led is blinking.

I have check the Batteries but they all okay.

I opened him today but I can't find the problem.

Maybe I send it back too...