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Controlling the WowWee Robosapien with my voice!

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I can Controlling the Wowwee Robosapien with my voice! I have this from a book called "The Robosapien Companion" .It's a great book! must buyLaughing  Try it on your own: press a program button, press select listen,press right arm pick up,press forward,press select listen,press select select hihg 5

WowWee Komodo Dragon (2001) IR control codes needed.

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I have a friend that lost the remote to his old WowWee Komodo dragon during a move.  It was a favorite toy of his sons and he asked if I could help come up with a replacement.

Does anyone happen to have a Komodo dragon with remote?  I think it came out around 2001.

I need a remote control for the tribot senior for my daughter's birthday in June

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I picked up a tri-bot at the thrift store but it didn't come with a remote control.  It wasn't until after I purchased it that I realized that it was supposed to have one.  I assume I have a tribot senior since it is red, 5 ft high with flashing yellow eyes.  I had planned to give it to my daughter; however, a tribot without the remote control can do very little.  I tried contacting tech support and even publicity but no one would bother to get back to me and so here I am more than a month later without the remote.

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.