Other WowWee Robots

Chimp resources needed

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Looking for methods that work best;

1. Hack the remote (have computer emulate signal or switches)

2.emulate the remote

3.Gut the works and put in a completely different control board

4.Parasite a control system onto the works

Either way, it needs to be 'portable' without a bit umbilical running to the computer.


Inside pics of dragonfly controller needed

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Could someone please open up their dragonlfy controller and take a photo of where the charger cable is connecting inside? I opened up the unit to check it out, then my son accidentally ripped out the cables. I could figure out where the wires of the blue LED go, but not where the charging wires go. Any help is appreciated.

Robopet likes to back up

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I just got a used Robopet off eBay.  Most of the functions seem to work (I've farted it more than anything else of course) but it tends to back up when I press the "forward" button (at best it takes a step or two forward, stops and then backs up,) and it seems to do more walking in reverse than anything else as it "Roams."  Could it be a motion sensor problem?  Would that in any way explain the going the wrong way in response to the remote command?  Also, her head seems permanently tilted to the right side.

Roboreptile, it's "hood" and my impressions...

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I have an opportunity to cheaply buy a used Roboreptile in good working condition. And I have to decide "yes" or "no" tomorrow. So, please anyone, who can, answer ASAP!

This specimen of Roboreptile have only a remote with it. The "hood" accessory is missing.

So, I have to ask. What this "hood" is and how Roboreptile detects if it's "hooded" or not? Is it just a passive piece of plastic to cover the Reptile's IR "eyes" or is it something more complex (any electronics inside? magnet? RF ID chip?)?

Small and different remote control

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I bought a tri-bot on e-bay which hasn't arrived to me yet. When I look at the picture and compare the pictures remote control to pictures of tribots and their remote controls on google, mine looks different and smaller. Anyone know what the remote control on the attached picture is? Is it another version? I hope I didn't buy the mini tribot, but as I understand it hasn't got any remote control!?

tribot remote controller has stopped working

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my tribot remote controller has stopped working, theres no signal coming from it ,lights or nothing... 

i have looked at it with a nightvision camera and its totaly dead... 

new batterys have made no difference...

battery terminals are all corrosion free... 

have opened it for a look inside and all seams fine.....  


any help would be appreaciated...