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RoboPet rollover prob

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Hi there

My first post on this site - delighted to find that it exists!

Can anyone help? I have a standard white RoboPet which generally works fine except one thing - whenever it rolls over it can't get up again... any ideas as to what the prob might be? Batteries are fine so its not that, only mod I have made is to disconnect the sound chip...



Tommy The Leg

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Hi I'm new to all this forum thingy I'm a 68 year old pensioner and have been trying for weeks to find the make and model number of a robot given to my grandson earlier this year. I eventually found out it is a Spidersapien (black and silver Spiderman suit) but no model number.Next the problem!!! remote control was chewed up  beyond repair by a dog of friends who were visiting. I have emailed Wowwee in Belgium a few times for advice on how to replace it,and is there a model number,but their customer care is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard,not one reply from them.