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How to put on Dragonfly wings?

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So I recently got my dragonfly but am having difficulty setting it up.  I'm not sure how to attach the wings, and I find the instruction manual confusing.  Just how exactly do you put on the wings, where is the hook and what do you attach to this hook and where abouts do you put in the wing rods?  If there is a video or somebody with pictures or somebody who can explain well please do, that would be amazing.

Many thanks


RoboPet rollover prob

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Hi there

My first post on this site - delighted to find that it exists!

Can anyone help? I have a standard white RoboPet which generally works fine except one thing - whenever it rolls over it can't get up again... any ideas as to what the prob might be? Batteries are fine so its not that, only mod I have made is to disconnect the sound chip...



Tommy The Leg

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Hi I'm new to all this forum thingy I'm a 68 year old pensioner and have been trying for weeks to find the make and model number of a robot given to my grandson earlier this year. I eventually found out it is a Spidersapien (black and silver Spiderman suit) but no model number.Next the problem!!! remote control was chewed up  beyond repair by a dog of friends who were visiting. I have emailed Wowwee in Belgium a few times for advice on how to replace it,and is there a model number,but their customer care is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard,not one reply from them.