Robosapien V1 & V2

v2 he lives again

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thanks to all my v2 is up and running the main boards are fine the on/ off switch is fine it was a wrong diagram i got of the internet from evosapien the d cell connecters are wrong they have it so black and red run into each other apart from that they are good to use  if anybody is wanting to rewire your v2 go for it  if i can do it anybody canCool

V2 Head won't turn, fingers won't open.

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 Hi there,


   I was active in these forums a few years back, and have some Youtube videos of my V2 in action.  I've been reading here about the cable connection between the head and the hands.  My V2 has recently stopped turning his head or moving his fingers, so I'm guessing it could be the neck motor or contacts that control it?  He makes no noises when I give head turn or hand grab commands. He raises his arms okay but does not open fingers on either hand.