Robosapien V1 & V2

Robosapien v2 delaying

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Hi, my robosapien v2 recently developed a problem which is that it delays amost every command i give it especially walking. These are some of the examples it delays before: walking forward, walking backwards or even turning, when it turns on, before doing movement demo, before dancing, before kicking, before pushing, before doing a karate chop, before lying down, before standing up, etc. I hope there is a solution to this problem. Thank you.

Robosapien v2 required, afraid to turn on

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Hello. I got an RSV2 A few weeks back. Unaware of the wiring errors they have, I turned it on, and learned the hardway. Luckily for me, I did know however, that when a power button stops working, you have about a minute before your screwed, and I got the batteries out in time. I recently yet got another one, from somebody who claims to have redone all the wires. I realized first it smells like stale burning plastic. I opened it up and yes, most of the wiring is indeed not peeling (only one was) but there is gluegun glue everywhere, and I am unsure if that is okay or not.

Robosapien V1 left lower arm not responding

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My son was just given a  Robosapien V1 and it seems to work for the most part, except the left lower arm does not respond to the red basic commands. This means the arm will not rotate and the hand will not open or close. It does when I move the arm manually.


I have put brand new batteries in, and the eye flashes when we press the control button, and the little orange light in the hand lights up when the button is pushed, but the arm just wont move. (It will move from the shoulder, but not from the elbow)


Wife's Fault

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My wife brought home a garage sale V2.  Power button activated it, but died in seconds.  Changed all the batteries with brand new ones and no he stands there like a broken robot without responding to any button combination.  IT IS NOT MY FAULT!

left wrist clicking

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Hello everyone,JR2K2 here with another weird situation.This time i have a bot with a loud clicking noise in his left wrist,when he does different animations.Funny thing is it does not do it all the time,however if his left wrist is manually turned all the way to the right it won't make any noise,but when his left wrist is turned all the way to the left it will make a loud rythmatic clicking noise during certain animations,but it always varies and never the same animations that it will make that noise.It is always random,the clicking sound that is.Now if the batteries are low it won't make t