Robosapien V1 & V2

robbosapien v2 still won't power up after wiring repairs

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hello, everyone.I have successfully rewired to rsv2s but this recent one i have acquired has a crazy problem.When i first got the robot he would not power up.So i tore him down and saw what i expected,flaking wiring insulation.So i went on ahead a rewired him everything was going along good until it was time to power him up.When i attempted to power him up he still would not fire up.However, if a jump the 9v spot to the number 3 spot on the motor header 1,he will go through his self booting routine and at the end of the routine he will say brain batteries low.powering down.I have double cke

Robosapien v2 Wiring insulating fault

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Is this a common problem of the insulation crumbling, I have searched the net and have found loads of posts about this issue and i also watched a few youtube videos about the problem, I just cannot understand why the wiring is crumbling so bad you normally only see this on very old electronics not fairly modern stuff, I am wondering if it would be worth me making some new looms up and offering them to members on her at a small cost.

Robosapien V2 with a fault

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Well we was given a Robosapien v2 with a fault so after watching a youtube video I set about dismantling the robot and very quickely found the fault all the wiring insulation on the two looms from the legs is crumbling so it looks like some workshop time is needed to make some new looms up, It would appear that this wiring problem is common so will make the new looms and see how we go.

V2 reconstruct

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Hello to all fellow techies and enthusiasts. I found a used, broken red V2 left by a trash can around my block. It was raining and its right arm and left leg was broken. Now I am not the type of guy to bring trash home but something inside of me just could not leave such a beautiful robot there so I brought it home and put it next to the heater to dry up. Now I have given myself the task of rebuilding this guy and making it fully functional again.

Robosapien v2 not color sensing

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Hi, I got my rs v2 completely repaired and rewired, it stopped working for a while even after rewiring but i got it checked again, and it is working as new now, except for one thing, it is not color sensing at all and when you wave infront of it it is supposed to respond but mine just keeps on saying "tracking". It doesnt even recognize its bowling ball. I was wondering that if anyone had a solution. Thanks!