Robosapien V1 & V2

i am looking for black robosapien v2 it can be 2nd hand

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i am looking for black robosapien v2 it can be 2nd hand. it needs to be 100% functional but it does not have to have all the accessories infact i dont need any of the accessories. if anyone is interested this is my email . i have $200 to pay. i will tell you the details on my email. thank you. 

robosapien v2 not moving torso.

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hi, i am having a problem with my robosapien v2 at first its torso was tilted so i physically tilted it to be straight. i wish i had not done that because its torso has stopped working. i opened up the chest plate and i used a torch to look below but everything looked normal. please do give a response in possible.

RSV2 Wiring Repair Kit - Complete replacement wiring harness

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Why hasn't this been done? Who cares! I'm doing it now! I'm about 50% complete on this project, having sourced wiring and connectors, all I have left to do is crimp them up and solder them in to the feet. I've started this thread to gauge interest in the possibility of selling these kits as a complete, all in one solution for the (in)famous wiring problem for these guys. Drop a line to let me know that there are still those out there who love these robots and would like to get theirs going without all the hassle.


My robosapien v2 gave wiring problem help me

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I did the exchange of bare wires and replace with new wires around it's alrightRode put the card plugged the wires on the board put the batteries over the robo What do not want to connect can be the problem my robo had given a short that will be burned in the forum that someone already had this problem and fixed it can help me as I do it works again