Robosapien V1 & V2

Traction on a wooden floor

RoboDave's picture

There are two sets of "knobs" on the bottom of each foot. One set is smooth (low friction) and the other have rubber/vinyl on them (high friction). I found that the rubber ones can get a bit dirty and slip. Just rubbing a pencil eraser on the rubber ones seems to improve the traction, and hence the speed, a bit. 

I also found that using the second gait option the V2 moves pretty quickly on our wooden floor. 

Battery indicator

Matt Whitlock's picture

You can usually tell how Robosapien V2's batter power is holding up by the way he moves, but since he talks, why not add a function where he can tell you the status of his power source? Something like, "Power reserves at 50%".

Plus, when his batteries are critical, he could say something like, "I just can't do it... I don't have the power!" 

Setting Color Mode/Light Helped Tremendously

Ron Repking's picture

When first playing with the Robosapien V2, I had a hard time getting it to recognize my hand.  That is, until I learned about the different light settings - indoor white, indoor yellow and daylight.  My office has white flourescent lights, so hitting SHIFT 1/SHIFT2/SHIFT3 and Z at the same time set it to indoor white light which really helped the recognition of the robot for me!