Robosapien V1 & V2

Spidersapien doesn't function correctly! Help!

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My spidersapien doesn't walk. It's body doesn't sway much at all.Most of the buttons i press he just makes a "uh uh" sound. His arms are slow and weak but function slightly. I tried new batteries but it did't fix him. I may need to check the batteries with my multimeter just to be sure. I have him apart and can't find a short in any wires and the board looks good. Everything is connected.  Has anyone else experienced this and what was tHe fix? It may seem like the motors are bad. Any help would be appreciated.

Wiring fault help. Casing removal tips

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I am posting because I would like some advice about removing the casing for my v2 robosapien. Having enjoyed an hours play with my "new" used robot he spoke to dreaded phrases "I think I have a bad motivator/user error" he now refuses to power up at all.

I have removed he casing from one leg to find exposed wiring. I have also found exposed wiring at the rear left wiring cluster of the chest. I was able to remove the chest casing but cannot seem to remove the back casing or crotch casing. Any advice would be greatfully appreciated.

RC controlled V1?

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Anyone tried this?  I recently picked up a V1 secondhand and was interested in tinkering with it.  I have built a couple of DIY robots using a Spektrum DX6 radio, and thought it would be cool to convert this thing.  Would definitely get around the issue of running two of them (may pick up another on EBay) in close proximity.