Robosapien V1 & V2

S.O.S Help Wanted!

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Hi All,

My Grandson has lost the battery cover (Left Foot) to his Robosapien V2, has anyone got a spare one that I can purchase from them?

Emailed the manufacturer but no joy. I'm sure that there must be someone out there who has bought a damaged one to repair another and has this bit lying around.

Hope someone can kindly help with this!



Robosapien V2 trouble twists right shuts down while in self diagnostic

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  I had a barely used 2005 Wowwee Robosapien V2 large blue robot in perfect functioning order. Sold it, shipped it to Florida, and now when they start it up, it starts its self diagnostic but when the body twists to the right, it stops and apparently shuts down. Is it possible something moved during shipping that is causing a servo not to zero itself correctly? I build prototype machinery, but I am not familiar with this robot. Help!!! ;-)

Thanks, Foxbot

This is the latest email I recieved from the buyer:

How can I control Robosapien v2 without remote control?

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Hello! I'm new hier.Ich have bought an robosapien v2, but it has no remote control mehr.der owner has she species verloren.welche "remotes" from there yet and how the? Have what about robodance and other things on here, but what would be the "easiest" Sorry, due to the many questions and my bad english.Embarassed