Roboraptor walk

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any advice for making my roboraptor walk , grip better on carpet or laminate flooring. He really does struggle to walk. just sort of shuffles backwards and on the spot.


Any advice?


I thought about little rubber grips stuck to his feet but this might affect balance?


Any tried and tested methods?

Roboraptor won't come to life

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i got a robosapian in a box of toys for my son and everything works fine except the roboraptor. i have put new batteries in both the raptor and the remote and the remote lights up but the raptor is dead. i get a low mechanical noise when i move the legs manually but that is all.

i'm not at all into robotics so keep answers simple please guys


thanks in advance



Help a complete newbie resurrect a RoboRaptor

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My mother recently came by with a RoboRaptor rescued from a garage sale, with the predictable swears that it "still works". It was only $15, so not a big loss (I LOVE their looks), but I'd still like to see if I can get this one to work once more.

I have extremely minimal knowledge in mechanics, electronics and robotics of any sorts, and right now the only things I can do without instructions would be taking its chest cover off, testing for conductivity, and figuring out if there's anything loose in there.

Roboraptor in need of Help :)

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hello to all that reads this.

 I started viewing almost any post about Roboraptor.  Well i have one of them from ebay, I won the bid at $4.99  I figure what the heck, why not bid.

And I have a few questions I was thinking SomeOne might be able to help.

He will Roar just fine, But he only moves his head and tail slowly for a few seconds and his legs very slow for a few seconds when I put Brand NEW batterys in him or Fress charged ones.  After them few moves "I assume Boot up moving" he will only Roar now and then or if I trip on of his tail or head sensors.

Roboraptor Walking Problem

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I purchased a Roboraptor from eBay. The seller claimed he was in working condition. The bot arrived and I put new batteries in it. However, it is having a walking problem. It moves its legs and slides forward a little, but not actually walking. I'm going to buy new batteries later today, hoping that will fix it. But still, could it be the footpads that are the problem? Should they be all the same size? The two outer ones are flat.