Injured Roboraptor

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A few weeks ago my Roboraptor suffered a terrible fall, and since then his neck has been dilocated from his head. I've searched all over the internet for instructions or guides on how to disassemble him, and to no avail...

I have however, tinkered enough to where I've managed to get the side of his leg off on the left side, and thanks to a REALLY tight screw, I am unable to get the leg off completely. (I have however managed to nearly completely stip the remaining screw head holding his leg bits on.)

Goodwill RoboRapter Joins the Group

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This is just another nudge that folks should keep their eyes open for robotoys in need of a good home.

I found a RoboRaptor with remote at the local GoodWill for $4.99.

All it needed was new batteries in its belly to join the rest of the basement bot group.

It's the same place I picked up a MegaByte a couple of months ago.

The bonus is that this provides a remote for one of my first WowWee finds, a remoteless RoboRaptor from several years ago. The remote I picked up this week has the targeting "laser" on it. 

Roboraptor Fix :->

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i noticed my roboraptor was having trouble walking on my hardwood floors. after looking at his feet i noticed that he had the pads on his feet where worn down thinking of how to fix this i found that he gets much better traction if u put plastic sandwitch bags over his feet like shoes he almost walks faster the my roboreptile with new batteries.!!!!!!!! 

Ps. love roboraptor best dino ever. i have the exclusive green one.Wink