Get roboraptor and roboreptile to walk on normal ground?

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I have a nice flat floor but its not good enough for my roboraptor and roboreptile, they dont wanna walk well on the floor. I need a tutorial or guide how to mod these robots so they can walk on more floors exept carpets.

 Would be nice to get a link or help :)



Roboreptile or Roboraptor

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Im going to buy one of them, and watched alot of reviews and videos, but if i see all those reviews and videos, i think the raptor and reptile are both pretty good robots and affordable.

Whats the difference? wich one should i get?

I like the design and movement of the roboraptor the most. If its desame as the reptile, then im going for the raptor.

But i have not seen a attack of a roboraptor on any of the videos i have watched, but the roboreptile has a pretty cool attack move.


Please advise.

Wowwee Roboraptor

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Help needed please.. I had a Roboraptor arrive today. It came with batteries installed and when I pushed the on button It fired up okay. It does a few things but seems very sluggish. When I push the button to move it forward the little arms move and you can hear the mechanisms working but he dont go knowhere fast and when you lift him up his legs are moving only slightly would this be the cause of low batteries or could it be a more serious problem... any help would be appreciated regards...Armo

2 x Roboraptors

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 We've just bought 2 Roboraptors for our twin grandsons ready for Christmas, we had to get them both the same otherwise there would be arguments, but I would be gratefull if anyone can advise whether they will operate in the same room together without any conflict from their remote controls.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

 Thanks, Mark Smile

RoboRaptor on Carpet

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I know that these have been out for a while now, but I just bought one. I just feel bad for the little guy when his feet snag some carpet. I was hoping that someone may have figured out a trick to helping him walk. I'm going to be Experimenting putting extra weight on his hips because when he gets caught i rock him a bit and he gets moving. If anyones tried this or if you have any suggestions please let me know.