Improving RoboRaptors bite and fixing neck bind???

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Just wondering if anyone's gotten Roboraptor to open his mouth during the bite animation??? My raptor opens his mouth when he rotates his head to the left and thats about the only time he opens it...I'm guessing this is the norm, as most videos i've seen of the raptor are the same way.... but i'd like him to open his mouth during the actual bite, to allow him to pick up small objects off the ground and such.

Roboraptor drooping Head Question

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Are the three plastic rods the only things that holds Roboraptor's neck/head upright or are there any springs too?   The reason I ask is because my roboratpor's  head often droops down from gravity after the motor moves it in an upper position.  And after its bottomed out, the motor pulls it back up again (but at a more slanted angle).   Another problem is that when the head  rotates to its right, it does so so much that  its on its side (with right ear facing upwards) and I'm thinking that both problems may be related to a bent rod but aren't sure since I can't see the rods.  Thanks!  

How to Hack a Roboraptor!

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If you've been visiting my I Got Some Help Thread :) , then you'll know that WowWee refused to replace my robots. My mom sent an E-mail to them last night that might just change their minds though. But if it doesn't, I will fix my robots by myself. I will need some help with that. As soon as I'm done fixing them, I want to add some hacks and mods.

A couple of problems with my roboraptor

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I have a couple of problems with my roboraptor.  The first and most serious is that its left leg barely moves when walking forward.  The second problem is that when the roboraptor turns its head to its right, the head rotates clockwise completely on its side instead of staying upright.  The head turns back again properly when it looks straight ahead or the other direction so its kind of strange... 

 To anybody thats opened this thing up, do these sound like easy fixes?  I'm guessing some plastic piece(s) are broken inside and maybe just need gluing but really don't know....

Is Roboraptor any good?

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Hey sup Robocommunity?  I was wondering if Roboraptor is any good.  I am a somewhat begginner not entirely new but I just got a Roboquad and I love it.  From anyone who owns it, do you think it's cool or can it get really boring.  Also is it worth the price which I don't know.  Any feedback?

RoboRaptor on Track for Feeding

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In a recent thread there was quite a bit of discussion regarding the (now) undocumented tracking function of the RSV2. The RoboRaptor also has this undocumented behavior buried in its cyber-reptilian brain.

When the RoboRaptor sees the proper coded IR signal (no longer available as a button on the RoboRaptor Remote) it will navigate itself to where it sees that signal.

It just so happens that the RoboReptile Remote's FEED button generates just the right IR signal to activate the tracking behavior.