I finally got my roboraptor

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I go it just last night at radioshack, Believe it or not luck was on my side because I got the last bronze one they had.

 I am having so much fun with it, I would've had pictures last night but I was too lazy to do it last night not only that I was having too much fun with my new roboraptor.

I will post pictures later, I have not come up with a nickname yet.

Till Then


Brad "DJ 9-V" Paine

Ive always wanted a Dino or a Robot for a pet.

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Ive always wanted a dinosaur for a pet, but then again i also wanted a Robot, guess this works for both..


though i am enjoyng my new found toy/pet.. I was wondering why kind of modifications could be done, maybe in the AI area that i could possibly upgrade making him more intelligent.

 I guess im over simplifying it. to create autonomous robot that im thinking of, he would need more then just sound and IR sensors. but be able to understand what i would say would be cool, maybe have a motion sensor. or a kind of spectrograph for a sense of smell..

A Dog and His Roboraptor

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My wife and I took care of the neighbor's dog for several days this past week, and I thought I'd post a few pictures of Yoda the dog and his new friend the Roboraptor. Actually, it was pretty funny. At first, he was terrified of the thing...

See Yoda and Roboraptor square off...

Different moods

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I've played with Roboraptor on various occasions, but didn't quite get a handle on how the different moods affected his behavior. I noticed his mood affected how Robosapien V2 interacted with him, but how else does it affect him?