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[HELP] Firmware needed

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So I thought I was 'pro' and tried to add RSMV2 firmware to my RSM but then later realized I have the RSMV1 so what happend was it was saying it was working until application check then got error didn't do much from there now it powers up just has wowwee loading screen moves etc but no sound or anything on screen

[Wanting] RS Media personalities

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Hello, I am new to the forum so if I am being a noob/ignorant in the request I am sorry...


I would like to request personalitys for the RS Media with active working links. I have Elmo and Vader but want different ones...

I am not saying go out make these for me because I am to lazy. I am being lazy about this but if they already exist whats the point in me making one... I would like ANY personalities but most prefered I would like


Green day (Billy Joe Armstrong) 

USB Serial Console Package

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CONFUSED:- The intial spec on this states you do not need USBNET for this package to work yet in the instructions it states :-

  1. Go into: Media Mode → Options → USBNet → On.
  2. Go into the Media Mode menu and select Games.
  3. Follow the instructions on the robot screen to invoke USBNet. I'm a NEWBIE could smeone please clarify for me. THANKYOU

USB Mode Connection

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Hi I'm a Newbie having just received my RS Media Robosapien.

Can someone help please when I select USB mode and connect usb cable Robot states

"Cable Attached" but no option displayed to select USB mode as stated in the manual.

I've checked the Device Manager in Windows 7 Ultimate and this shows an ! with a mass storage device. I've checked on line for the latest driver but windows states latest driver already installed. There is no memory card installed. Any ideas on how to get this working please.

SECOND RSM upgrade results! please comment if ok?

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Results of RSM media unit 2...finally!

seems ok not sure if the media card reader is working after uprade

as when i flashed the last step<rsmedia update w/rsupdateapp and wowwee_emjava_id>

the rsupdate file remained on the card

now to fix the volume problem!


here is the cap: