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RS Media sub woofer speaker noise, is there a fix?

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Hi all

I recently got a used RS media from Ebay UK, all seems fine so far apart from a constant pulsing sound coming from the sub woofer, from what I've read at this fine place its a common fault? its not too loud but I'm thinking about selling it as I find it a bit annoying. Do all RS media’s make this noise, I would find it hard to believe Wowwee would charge £299 rrp for somthing making this  noise out of the box?

Remote control for RS MEDIA

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Hi everyone,

I have a second hand RS MEDIA, but the prob is that there is no remote control, which limits its options alot. I tried to check on ebay, but I only found the how "package" and no one sells the remote control separate. So does anyone know where to get a new/used remote control?


P.S. Contacted the WooWee support, but they said that they discontinued the RS MEDIA and no spare parts anymore. cheers

Sd cards

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Hi I just found a source of new 1gb Lexar memory cards. Very well priced.

Something I have been looking for in quite a while for my rs media

Selling Rs Media "Modded" with a some errors

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Hi Guys. 
Is anyone interested in buying my RS media?
Its not in perfect condition. But it can turn on etc.
It just make a crackling noise when turning the the side.

The Rs media has been modded.
Longer legs.
New eyes

Heres a picture below:



i was thinking about selling it for around $200
(give, take)

And maybe splitting the delivery cost (im from denmark)

bad bluetooth chip

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hi all 

if you have bad bluetooth chip ,dont trow it away,but solder wires on.separate ones.

these can you puch tru the holes in the back just above woofer.there are two ,

underneed.puch the wires tru and connect the usb chip you can still use your rsm,