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bluetooth adapter

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hi all ,i did some test for the bluetoothchip. i notest thats when the led did'n lid,

its a problem to get your connection good,this for windows i change the adapter in,

this one on foto.its easy for upload foto's video and to provoke the bluetooth chip,

in rsm even when it dont lid up.he find it quick.also the clock in rsmv4 for the first time,

correckt movement sound everything.

A bit off topic

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This is a bit off topic but seeing how it all started when working on my RS Media I thought I would post it here first. I have started building a robot from scratch. I call it a Junk Bot as most of it came from the junk pile that is my basement. You can learn more if you go to Robot Bob's website:

connection via ip adres windows xp

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hi all.for those who have xp windows.

1-open control panel and choose phone and modems

2-choose modems

3-add and click on don't deteckt choose from list

4- choose communication between two computers ( no com port yet now )

5-click next and choose com mine is 4

6-click next and finiche

7-open control panel and choose new incomming connection

8-choose advanced and click next

9-choose directly to oher computer and click next

10-choose host and click next

Boot-up and motor/positioning problem

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Hi All,

First post here, although I've been lurking quite a while :-D

Something bad has happened.  We had a few people around the other weekend, and I walked into the lounge to find one of our visitors playing "puppets" with my RS Media for his little boy.  Arms and legs twisted all over the place :-(

After they left, I tried booting him up ... sure enough, there's big problems.  Sometimes he gets as far as saying "systems check", other times "booting personality ROM" ... but in all cases, there's some awful clicking of joints etc, and then it shuts down.

special thanks and chort video

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hi all ,i wanna say thank you to all the guys who help a guy for to realize his biggest dream ,come thru.robots,and i mean spending houres days after the pc explaining to me,

how to do it ,and not ones but 50 times over and over again whitout losing your temper.

it is unbelieveble,amazing,i have no words for it only a warm heart.

thank you gareth hailings ,freddy A,helibot,father,jamie,curtaimaker,and all. 


LifeAI Demo for RS Media released

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LifeAI is an open source C++ library for Artificial Intelligence decision-making. It can be integrated in video games, robotics, or any application that requires artificial intelligence.  A demonstration app has been created for RS Media.  No special hacks are needed, everything runs from the SD card.  Instructions are included in the download.

Special thanks to community members Helibot, Vader, FreddyA, and Gerber for their help :)  LifeAI on RS Media would not have been possible without them.