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Pointless ?

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Well, I made a personality (SheBot) and uploaded it over a week ago.

I was told I should PM the owner so he could add it to the download section so that's what I did.

Still no answer and still no personality in the download section.

What's the point of doing things if the owner isn't around to do anything about it ?

Slighty pointless in my opinion.

Maybe there should be a few select staff member who have the power to do these kind of things as he obviously isn't around that much.


What you you guys think ?


New Personality Problem

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I am making a personality named 'SheBot' (name could change)

I have the 'PERSINTRO' in the 'Sounds' folder as an mp3 but when I select the SheBot personality, the intro is at least 5 times the speed it should be. She sounds like a demented Smurf.

Does anybody know why ? Or how I could rectify this ?

Thanks in advance.