RS Media


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hi all,does anyone now ,in the rs mediamodus go to options and go down to the last, says networking on or the manuel says nothing about it.

can i use that for,rs media control station from gerber.

rs media manuel

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hi all,does anybody now how to use,the original program when you by a rs media.

is something with buildingblocks and bodycons,macro.i have sound and movement,

sepertly,but not together.i need an example to understand this.thanks

Line 10 Failed

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Hi Helibot.  I have upgraded my new RS Media to V2 today. it work fine and all is ok.

Except from line 10 to reload the java password and files.

I have put the rsupdate folder with the 2 files in it plus the folder rsdump with the java_password in it onto a sd card only, and put it into the bot. It fires up as normal then freezes on the splash screen at the end of loadup and then nothing.

what I have on the screen is as below.

Help! Booting only works sometimes... when it doesn't, it's white screen & some movement

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From ebay, I just received a never-been-opened RS-Media.  When I first turned it on, the screen lit up white, the eyes flickered, and RS media booted (but, no sound, and just a white screen) and did it's initial exercise at the end of the boot.  I knew something was wrong, since there was no sound and the LCD had no image...

Reading RS Media Sensors and Positions via Serial Link

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I'd like to know if it's possible to read the positions of the RS Media joints via the serial link. I'm toying with the idea of developing a microcontroller add-on to connect to the robot in order to both control it and add more sensors, but after reading the forums it looks like the feedback available from the robot is limited. Can someone confirm this, please?


Back Cover Plate

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Hi Guys,   We have a new member of our community. He arrived yesterday and the testing has started. he is a version 1 so i am going to upgrade to v2 like my other.

he has a missing cover that I would like to replace and have him back to normal. does anybody know where i can get 1 from??


Regards Curtainmaker

Glee: Jane Lynch Preps Emmy For Hosting Concerts

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Jane Lynch will host this year's Emmy Awards, Fox since Sept. 18, but his alter ego, the cheerleading coach Glee spiky Glee DVD , making an appearance?

"Sue Sylvester Little Goes a Long Way," says Lynch. "There are some ideas for him, but I think probably leave to follow the example of Paramount," which is described in glee. Smallville DVD

Can anyone help me?

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and indeed the world of robotics.  I teach elementary children IT and we started to get into computer programming.  I decided to extend some of the more able kids into robotics, and a very kind person donated a RS Media.  It came just as the robot and remote control.  We all had fun with the robot, but I wanted them to develop program sequences, so I downloaded the editing suite, put the RS Media into USB mode and plugged him into my computer.