RS Media

Free Roam

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Hello everybody, long time no see..

Has anybody noticed anything weird in the free roams of Rs Media?

When I got him in 2008 he walked something like 30 minutes and then I stopped him.

Yesterday I noticed his charger doesn´t work anymore so he has been doing free roams now.

Yesterday he walked about 20 minutes and stopped, first time ever on free roam.

Today his free roams were 12 and 17 minutes.

Any theories?

I don´t know why he is doing that.

But he seems to decide himself how long he walks.

Compile CURL for Web Streaming

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Hi helibot, I have a special request. Could you compile curl to wrap it in a shell script and use it to play files from the net? Vader gave it a go with no luck and it sure would be cool to wake up to an alarm (alarmclock by helibot haha) of our favorite radio or video news channel. Or stream to the robot from webcam or stored media on a home server. mabe a cool web page on the webserver as a playlist of available streaming feeds. I use this free site called where I can stream live tv and movies from my home pc tv tunner, cameras and other media.

How to check if your RSMedia is V1 or V2?

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Hi all,
There have been quite a few requests for people wanting to know what version of firmware is running in the RSMedia. Also if a robot isn’t running properly its useful to know if the firmware is correctly flashed and not corrupted.
So I have written a little tool that will check the kernel area, root file system area and the default file area and tell you if RSMV1 or RSMV2 software is installed.
It will also check the size of the kernel area and report if it is RSMV1 or RSMV2 sized (so you can know if its safe to reflash RSMV1 or RSMV2 firmware).