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RS media waist problem

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Hi Guys

Im a newbie here and just seeking some professional help with my Rs media of course.

I recently bought a Rs media secondhand. It boots up properly but immediately he turns to his right side i.e his whole upper body turns 90% to this right and continues to do the intro,bowing. sensors, arms seem to work fine. 

Well, when i tilt him from side to side i can hear a clink spring sound. If i tilt him to his left his body moves smoothly back up straight, and to the right he stalls for about a split second then straight up. The L and R tilt buttons doesnt work.

Part bootup problem

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Hi all

I've just pick up a RSM with problems, when he is switched on is head moves and centres and his eyes flash, the WowWee logo appears on the LCD screen and stays there, after 30secs he does his bowing and greeting movement but does not speak (totally mute), he will not walk but his eyes flash in response the remote button presses, he partly works from the remote with head and torso movement as-well as leaning backwards and forwards, I've tried him on new batteries and the contacts are clean.

sd card

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Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the correct format for the sd card in the RSM. Its driving me mad. Now on my forth sd card make. I format it fat at default setting. Ive done fat 32, 512 bytes fat 32 default setting. I had a bit of success with just default fat as in the RSM will read it ish but writes rubbish to the card. Windows then cant read it and i have to fomat it again. Fast coming to the end of my rope with this bot and ive only had it two weeks.