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Lots of questions....

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My wife picked up the rs media robot at a thrift store today,
While in very nice shape even the tag is on his arm and arm wiring in protective plastic he might be broken,
I put in all the batteries, when turned on he talks about system check then loading personality and seems to replete that for a while then starts to say what sounds like an introduction who is but when he gets to what I'm guessing is "name" he falls over backwards.

RS Media Video Ribbon Cable

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I need to repair the end of the video ribbon cable that attaches to the media board.  Replacements don't seem to be readily avaiable, so I want to trim off the small end damage and use the existing cable.  My question is - what is the best method to remove the plastic coating on the cable to expose the metal within the ribbon cable?

Download RS Media personalitys.

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So here I can Download RS Media personalitys right? Yeah that's true like the "C3PO" Personality. And before I download it-Can I hear how he speaks then? Perhaps A small recording of the Voice? Yeah I know I can Watch Videos on Youtube but NO ONE have made a Video with this personality. Only "Jobeanvideos" But his Videos aren't the best... Ah Whatever.

Please Help!

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Help request! May be a re-hash of a discussed problem, not sure

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RS media powers up no problem goes thru its boot mode responds to commands for awhile and then powers down stating that it needs a recharge even if new fresh batteries are installed. Sometimes operates for a few minutes at random timelengths

sometimes powering down as soon as it has booted.

Appreciate any help from the members.....!


< would a re-flash reflash of code help? etc etc...>

Only USB-Net "OFF" funktion after upgrading RS Media V1 to V2

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Hi there,

after upgrading my RS Media V1 with V2 firmware it works nearly perfect. The only thing I could not understand was that the USB-Net option had only the 'Off' function. I've tried to flash the Kernel with the 'RSMV2ReloadFiles' but I got the error message 'Kernel fails / wrong size'. Checking out the firmware version with 'RSMCheckVersion', it's all ok. All points show 'RSMV2'. I flashed the RS Media again with 'UpgradeRSMV1toRSMV2'. It was all ok, but there was no option to switch on the USB-Net funktion again.

RS Media Touch Screen Remote Software

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I'm new to robotics and this is my first post in the forum. I saw a listing on E-Bay where someone was selling a phone that had software on it to control RS Media robots. I was wondering if anyone knows the source of this software as I have never seen this before.

Here is the link to the listing: