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RS Media Touch Screen Remote Software

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I'm new to robotics and this is my first post in the forum. I saw a listing on E-Bay where someone was selling a phone that had software on it to control RS Media robots. I was wondering if anyone knows the source of this software as I have never seen this before.

Here is the link to the listing:


Stuck in control mode...

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New to the board, but didn't see anyone with this problem...

Our RS Media V2 is stuck in control mode (and Billy Joe Sapien). It behaves as if the the remote R-shift is always depressed, which would explain why the M-button is useless. But when I opened up the remote, everything seemed just fine. Could it be a problem with the robot? Software or hardware? 



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Ladys, Gentelmen, Boys and Girls ,

I'm selling my RS Media Robot , now as you know this has become a rare item and i am looking to move soon so i am asking for a far price .. going rate on E-bay And Amazon is around £500 give or take a  nanobot... so if anyone is interested in the buying this said Bot you can reach me at adam.poulson61@btinternet  im not giving this away so far offers and relistic bid will be taken on board.. i look forward to your replys .

This is a bquick sale so get in fast as im heading off soon

Your ideas for an: "RS Media 2?"

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Something I'm sure we all want. Anyways. Here are my ideas.


Built in bluetooth

Can interact with all robots before him.

Comes in multiple colors

Has five fingers 

Bigger LCD screen. 

Slide down LCD cover

Built in Wifi.

The ability to video chat with other RS Media users.

Thats all I've got. Submit yours!

Whats the cheapest way to power RSM on batteries?

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Hi all

I was thinking of getting rechargeables D cells but generally rechargeables are only 1.2 volts and it would be an expensive outlay at least £45 for a kit.

As anybody used one of these or similar? it Refreshes? alkaline throw aways batteries up to 75% of original power up to ten times. seems the cheapest option at about £20 and good for recycling.