RS Media

RS Media Sound Test Video

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This is a short video on youtube ofcourse,  of Robosapien RS Media (Bender) doing a free roam, he finds an obstacle and well avoids it, 

next up for the biggest part is RS Media mp3 soundplay back test, i gout out with the camera to the speakers so u can hear the difference from far away,


anywho's heres the link

Bender Personality

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Preview of Bender Personality for RS Media - Click here to see RS Media Suite Preview


Ive updated the root directory, to be easier for extracting and
uploading into the RS Media Perosnality, simply extract the RAR file
into any folder and copy those files it extracts to C:\program
files\WowWee\RS Media Suite\Personalities\ it pretty much explains
itself in the read me

problems uploading personalities, photos etc in RS Media Suite

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Hi there everybody,

 Hopefully somebody out there can help as it seems wowwee support have had trouble reading my email about the problem!

The trouble I'm having is I can't seem to upload anything to my Robot when in Media Organizer.

I connect RS Media to my PC which it does no problem & windows tells me that it is installed & ready to use ( installs as a disc drive, correct or not I don't know )

Head Movement Range

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Hi, I  have just received a replacement RSM and during testing noticed his head doesn't seem to look down. I'm sure the previous one his head would noticebly look down - can anyone confirm? This one goes up but only as far down that he appears to be looking straight ahead. Also if I press full down and then go up the motor seems to work for a while before his head moves up. Seems to have trouble tracking, always wants to look up.

SD Card

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 When you have a SD card in the rs media and the usb cable is attached. Does the computer transfer data into the SD Card directly or into the robots hardrive? And do you need an direct in SD card reader on your computer to use a SD Card?

US Update

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      According to a clip taken by I4U news at ces at wowwee's both. During an interview with a wowwee exhibitor, the exhibitor said, "we are reserving a model for the u.s. market in which we have updated the software," and a few other things. You can check it out down below on the line. Post any comments about it if you so fell compelled to. The video also shows some good clips of the WowWee alive elvis. The RS Media info is toward the end/


Had it 3 days and broken it. Doh!

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Was just getting to grips with the control and arm modes (with interference from my 'little' boy - aged 29 - who knows everything, so I'll blame him) and now it seems kaput.

The LCD screen is blank but white lit, after the initial Wowwee splash screen and there's no sound. It does do some things, e.g. I think it does the dance demo, and arm and general movements seem ok, but it's gone quite wierd. Heeeeeeelllpppp, pleeese.

P.S. Not in techno jargon if poss. I was raised on steam radio and gas lights!