RS Media

Some questions about RS Media programming

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as far as I know, the RS Media can be controlled using shell-scripts. I would like to know how flexible this is? Can multiple commands be executed at the same time? Can I read out the RSM's different sensors? Can I directly control all of its motors? Is it possible to playback sounds, movies, ....

I've read the manual for the Macro-Editor and it says that it ain't possible to nest multiple "if"-clauses. Is this true? I mean, the shell script normally should be able to nest as many clauses as I want, shouldn't it? Or how did they implement this functionality?

Java games

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Has anyone managed to get any other Java game to work with RS Media? i have downloaded a few from the internet and tried to upload to RS without success Frown  is it even possible??



LCD Screen viewing angle

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When working with RS Media at eye level on my desk plugged into power I have noticed the LCD screen quality/viewing angle is very poor. Any pictures look very whited out and photos of people look terrible. For example; the wowee white personality icons almost blend into the dark backgrounds. You have to be looking down from above for the pictures to look OK - has anyone else noticed this? Is it designed this way or is my robot faulty?

HELP, No robot found!

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Hi, can someone please help?! I have tried everything i can to get the media suite to find my rs media, it just keeps telling me 'no robot found'. i have tried connecting different ways, uninstalling then reinstalling, looked at problem solving solutions like using a powered USB, and still nothing!! Has anyone got any ideas. Can even get an answer from the help line!!!!

Emulators and games and stuff ?

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Hi i just recently got an rsmedia and was wondering if anyone is making an emulators or games or anything for it ? i know the screen is tiny but it would be cool ! :D

 I ask this as i see it has a 200Mhz ARM9 processor ? wich my gp2x has too and also linux :D maybe some gp2x apps and games coudl be ported easily ? i have also made a thread on askin teh same thing :P