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Are these faults or "design features" ?

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Hi all.

I'm new to the forum, located in Perth Western Australia (timezone not available in the profile !!!  :-)   ) and became a robot owner for the first time when my wife linked my (alleged) love of gadgets to the Christmas gift buying process.

I can see that the programmability could be a lot of fun. At the moment though I haven't loaded the software because I'm thinking of returning the RSM to the store instead.

rsmedia software

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I have just got a RSmedia bot and am having a problem with the software in that it will not display the animation window when you select bodycon editor is this a software fault or an installation fault.

I also have a problem when using the controller to walk the bot it does not always move forward but just twists its right wrist slightly then waits before moving forward no problem going backwards is it just checking area before moving as no movment at all if close to visable object

Leg stuck

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Hi. My son received the original Robosapien for Christmas. It worked for a couple of days, but now the left leg is stuck in a cocked-back position. It can no longer walk, dance, etc. Any suggestions for a solution?

Happy New Year,


Celeb personality.

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Hi, I am struggling to load the celebrity personality onto my RS Media. I followed the instructions below:

Installations instructions for CelebrityBot personality:
1) Download the zip file DONE.
2) Unzip the file to a location on your PC. DONE.
3) Start the RS-media software open the media organizer. DONE.
4) Click on the Add to Library button go to the location were you unzipped the file to and select the CelebrityBot.per file. DONE
5) Then connect your robot and upload the CelebrityBot.per. DONE.

shut down issues

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im new to this so if any one can help that would be great,got a rs media and when you put alkaline batteries in it you get a popping noise from the subwoofer,but if you put rechargeable batteries in it the noise stops and he functions for a little longer,but in demo mode he trips out every time and mainly in the forward bent over position.

and with the new alkaline batteries in as soon as it goes to move it trips out.can any one help.or tell me where i can get it fixed?

How do I make him walk?

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I bought an ES Media from Debenhams UK today amid much exitement. Got it home and it didn't walk when using the left control pad when in "control mode" or when put into "free roam" mode - itplays all the voice files as if it is walking around. I took the first one back thinking there was a fault, but the replacement is just the same. I can't find anything in the manual about it or how to do a factory reset. How do I make my RS Media capable of walking? Please help - V disappointed so far.

power and shut down issues

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sinse getting my rs media for x mas, i cant get the thing to work properly,with alkaline batteries in ti it pops from the subwoofer,and trips out every time it goes to move after boot up.

with rechargeable batteris the popping stops and it runs after boot up,but not for long.and trips out in every demo mode after the same amount of time. the whole thing crashes.i cannot take it back as person has lost receipt ,typical.or do you know any where i can get it fixed.