RS Media

Media Suite Software

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Does any1 know what version the software is that comes on the CD? I have looked on the CD face, in the software gui as it is running and cant see anything.

I can see that the support website has a version 1.2 available but I cant get it to download...seems to hang...

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RS Media Camera Issues

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Does anyone have this problem?

All the photos I take with the on board camera all come out pink!  When I take a video shot however, the colours seem fine.

 I have noticed that when RS Media takes a photo, the screen preview on the LCD looks fine, until it takes the photo and then it currupts and goes very pixelated and pink!  Also, when in video mode, the picture flickers, jumping left (off the screen) and then back again.

turning the rs media

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I dont know if this is normal for the RS Media but my rs needs alot of room just to turn ive tried him on different floor surfaces tiled floor, short carpet, long carpet and on concrete outside but he still needs a lot of room to turn and takes ages just to turn right and ends up a metre away from where he started turning from ive even tried taking the little plastic caps off his feet and this still hasnt helped


ps does anyone know any good scources for voice sounds for the terminator as i want to make a terminater personality



Issues with RS Media and Editing Suite

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hi, how r u? i have rs media ,also have some problems, :)when i plug it to my pc everything is normal, editing suite is normal but i can't upload video,audio, or personality to my robo through the suite, it writes 900 mb free space at tho bottom,but when i try to upload .avi .mp3 to my robo by clickin the "Add to Library" a window opens then i choose the video or audio when i click "ok" button 2 warning windows occur! writes invalid structure or sth..