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Please help me out by posting a step by step personality changing method.

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After a couple of days playing around with the RS, I have found it almost impossible to edit the personalities. 

I have downloaded the "celeb bot " and used that as the basis for any changes. The main change I wanted to make was create a dance routine to Kraftwerk The Robots (yeah predictable I know). 

I created the macro using the full 99 frames and saved in CONANIM11 folder. I have four files in there 

1. Bodycon11 SH file

2. Kraftwerk BCN file

3 Kraftwerk_Songs SH file 

4. Full 9mb MP3 of the song

Real Time Editing?

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Hi to everyone!

I was lucky enough to get a new RS Media for Christmas from my wife and think the the whole thing is just great!!

Anyway, I have only just started to play around with it and have been looking at the software to edit RS's movements. I was sure that I had seen a video clip of the software running, Moving the RS in real time, as well as on the screen _ is this possible or did I dream it?!! Sad to think I dreamt about a new toy at 34 years old, but hey, what a toy!

Thanks to everyone who reads and/or answers this post.

New personality

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Ive made a new personality for my RS Media (Bender from Futurama), i want to add a personality image to go with it, is this possible? i have tried but no success.

If it can be done please tell.

Thank you.

SD Card

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Just got my rs today and may seem a stupid question but how do i know what sd card to buy as there are no details in the instructions and the retailer didnt know.

Also why will it not connect to my pc?

Solution for "PC Connecting" and "Video Convert"

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There seems to be two issues to address, SD card not found in Media
Organizer, and the Video file import

SD card not found
1. Download and install the latest version of RS Media Editing Suite
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