RS Media


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Hi, I have just bought an RS Media - the camera has a real bad green 'tinge' to it, even when recording video, and has trouble tracking - is this normal?



Help me help George

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I recently received a Rs Media for x-mas, I could not wait to open it so i did. After spending a pretty penny on the all the various batteries needed to operate my new friend and installing them I eagerly awaited him to arise.


My RS Media , i\'ve named him george, is sick.  George spoke in a humorous voice..

"system check... the batteries in my feet need CHANGINGING!!!."

The batteries i put in were brand new, and I even went out and purchased a newer set of brand new batteries and installed them.

and then george said,

Bodycon editor software Linux, MacOS X

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The software requirements for the macro software seem to be Windoze XP, 

Does anybody know whether there will there be a version that runs on Linux or Mac OSX 

Or will Wowee release enough quality information so that we can write a Linux or Max OSX interface.


Some of us in the Linux community could have the software available in short order! 


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Hi Robo fans!

Do any of you know where I might be able to download new created personalities for RS Media? I am trying to make my own at the moment but it sooo time consuming!



Star Wars Reference

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 Discovered a Star Wars reference in the RS Media. In the Service Bot 3000 personality, I put him to sleep, and he hit me with this gem:

"What? Robosapiens here? Oh no, I've been hit!"

Know the movie and the scene that this is a take-off on?