RS Media

pc connection

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Hello guys, i hope someone can help.

I have just unboxed the blummin thing, and am trying to connect it to the PC,  when i open the RS MEDIA SUITE, and select "media organiser" it tells me there is no robot found....

I have switched to USB mode on the robot, and still nothing.

I can access the files on my crappy 8meg SD card and upload the new personality etc... but cannot find the robot in the media suite.

any suggestions






the gauntlet (sensors)...thrown down??

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Can anyone tell me if the rs Media's fingers or hands have bump switches of some kind in them to replace the "gauntlet" sensors that rsV2 had over his hands?

Here in the U.S. of Uh, we can't buy the rs Media yet :( so I have to keep waiting, but my rsV2 does sometimes detect obstacles with his gauntlet bumpers that he apparently doesn't pick up via his IR.

Track and Photo Human

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Hi there, how is the robot supposed to react in this mode. Should it autonomously roam around and "look" for a human and then take a photo???

Also, how big should a colour (red, blue, green) object be before the bot recognises that colour, as mine does not seem to want to recognise any colour object that I bring in front of it. Is just says tracking... tracking.. and does not tell me the colour as the manual suggests.

Hand Pickup / Surface Area

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Hi there, It seems to me that the sufrace area to pick up objects is much smaller that V2. I tried to pick up a water bottle but the "claws" could not go around the neck of the bottle.

Another thing that I noticed is that RS only picks up from the same area, does it not "see" the object and then try and pick it up.