RS Media

Power Low

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Does anyone know how the low power in the robots feet are calculated. i.e. Does it measure voltage or current. I am using rechargeable batteries, and the voltage is 1.2V and the "normal" batteries are 1.5V. Am I going to have problems later on?

Mains Adapter Problem.

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I recently purchased the RS Media and have to say it really is fun to use.I'm not too happy about the battery life though.Pretty expensive to keep it running.So I bought a mains adapter for Robo.I made sure it's the right voltage 7.5 and it's all the right connnections.But he seems to cut out after a while and reboot himself.Am I doing something wrong.Do I need an official mains adapter for the Robot?If so,where could I buy one?

Are rechargeble batteries any good with the Robot?

Many thanks.

Voice Recognition

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Is is not possible to develop an external CCT that has voice recognition and transmits IR codes thereby you can then "send" commands to your RS Media via voice activation? Need to learn the IR codes from you remote commander and then re-transmit based on the voice input.

Remote Commander

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Hi there, I am enquiring about the remote commander used to control RS, do you have to be in front of RS all the time to control (i.e. RS is walking towards you) or if it is walking away from you, RS can still be controlled (i.e. back is facing you).

Basically what I am eluding to is the range of control of RS from the remote commander (in meters, feets etc) and if RS needs to be always facing you to control.


Pretty intuitive, even for an 8 year old

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RS Media passed the 8 year old test.  The LCD screen really makes a difference from the RS V2. 

I brought the RS Media home tonight and gave him to my 8 year old boy to play with.  Within the hour, he had put in the batteries and booted him up and figured out how to use all of the following functionality without taking a peek at the manual: