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My little Robo Collection

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Hello, Here is my little WowWee Collection: And here is my very old Mega Byte Robot Dog: Best wishes Hanna111 p.s this Robots have I still not: Robopet, Robome, Tribot, Roborover, Joebot, Robosapien V2, Robosapien X, Chrome robosapien in Silver and RS Media. 

programming a wrist remote

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We have a Wow Wee silver spider with a wrist remote, but no instructions on how to program it. Can anybody help me out. The spider responds to the directional buttons, but seems to do its own thing if we push any other buttons.  I realize it's an old school technology from 2000, but my son really gets a kick out of it. If there is some type of users manual out there please let me know. thanks.   

CHIP for adults too? What's your opinion?

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I'm wondering if CHIP (and other robots) can be used for adults as well (although it's targeted towards a very young audience).I mean maybe someone wants a real pet but is unable to due to many different reasons. It's sad that robots and virtual pets are seen as "kids toys", they should be seen as a great alternative, not only for kids but for everyone.

Robotic Dog Fence

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I bought a wireless dog fence which is the ideal solution for anyone unable to use a traditional underground fence because there is no digging or burying of wiring the system can be set up in only a few minutes. Using the latest in state of the art technology, we can deliver a precise boundary area that will keep your dog safe, secure, and out of harm’s way. Any thoughts about this product?

Chip Smartband

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We got a new chip for christmas, but his smart-band does not work. We charged the smartband for half an hour but it would hot turn on, we reset a few times with the reset button and charged again for 10 minutes, still does nothing.While plugged in it flashes purple very quickly but never reaches the constant on which indicates charged. Any advice as chip doesn't do much without one?I am in the UK and getting anything chip related will cost a lot of money importing from the US. Thank you