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Famous Birthdays

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I think I accidently ordered fingerlings from a phishing site, IPLFOUNDATION.COM showed up in my bank account

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Hello! Can anybody tell me what is supposed to show up in my bank acct, when I order wowwee fingerlings? I did not notice in time, that it was spelled wowwe, instead of wowwee. It showed authentic fingerlings, so I ordered 2 of them. Showed up in my bank acct. as IPL*FOUNDATION.COM Is that a genuine wowwee fingerlings website? They cost me $19.99 each, free shipping. Any and all input would be appreciated....I`m feeling like a complete IDIOT right now. LOLLOL!

How can know if safe from burning out robot with more voltage?

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Here is the situation, my friend have a Wowwee animatronic robot that he has been tinkering with, with the goal of hooking his arduino up to it so that he can control it from his computer.The problem is, using a multimeter, we've tested that the voltage on the robot's control lines/pins is 3.3v ; but the arduino outputs 5v through its pins.Will hooking up the arduino and using its 5v pins damage the robot?

WowWee REV vehicles rechargable battery packs

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I purchased the Robot Enhanced Vehicles for my son this past Christmas. The vehicles eat through batteries so I ordered two rechargable battery packs. The problem was, they were both dead on arrival. I contacted WowWee and told them about it and they offered to send a replacement in January. Well February came around and I sent another message. I then spoke to a rep who I believe is the rep I am about to write this review about. The battery packs were sent quickly. However, only one worked and the other DOA.