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So I have this silver RS v2, and others - restoration advice?

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Hey. I figured this was the place to ask this.I have a couple of old WowWee robots. A white RS v1, a white RoboRaptor and a silver RS v2. I've had them forever but due to dumb circumstances never got the time I had envisioned to tinker/mod them. Recently hauled them all out to do a check.I just tested out the RS v2 after many years in storage and he woke up and spoke a few words, but then seemed like he had a disconnect (died at the left arm 'stretch'; can be woken up again briefly by flexing the chest casing). I understand this is pretty common for this model after a few searches.

In search of robot tracks/treads

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Help--I am a design engineer in Barrie, Ontario and I have been engaged by a customer to design a small residential use robot. I need to find a set of rubber tracks with molded in wire reinforcement and wheels to go with them. I have been pounding the internet for two days, and I'm not having any luck. Where do you fellows buy your track systems?

rescued robosapien and roboraptor not working

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My friend had a robosapien and a roboraptor in her attic for the last 10 years (guessing). The remotes both seem to be fine but the robos aren't working at all. They both had batteries in them the whole time and the robosapien had been left switched on so the batteries were seriously corroded along with the springy parts of the (-) terminals. I put in new batteties but he won't respond to being switched on or to the remote. The roboraptor looks fine in the battery compartment but doesn't respond at all either.