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rescued robosapien and roboraptor not working

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My friend had a robosapien and a roboraptor in her attic for the last 10 years (guessing). The remotes both seem to be fine but the robos aren't working at all. They both had batteries in them the whole time and the robosapien had been left switched on so the batteries were seriously corroded along with the springy parts of the (-) terminals. I put in new batteties but he won't respond to being switched on or to the remote. The roboraptor looks fine in the battery compartment but doesn't respond at all either.

MiP vs Sphero 2.0 Comparison Retraction

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It turns out MiP is the true winner after all and heres why........

After finally receiving and using the Sphero in person today, i was extremely disappointed, i calibrated the Sphero, tested it everything worked fine, and then i proceeded to play with it and that's where it all fell apart.

Every time i switched apps or games, the Sphero had to be recalibrated, i played the golf game and once you aim the Sphero you have to flick it up, i flicked it up, it went backwards, i turned right it went left and so on and so on.

Sales On Bose Lifestyle (V35) 535 Series II $2000| Bose Lifestyle (V25) 525 Series II

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Should I get the Tomy I-Sobot

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Hi, so I was thinking about getting the tomy isobot, but before I can get it I wanted to ask some questions about it:


1) Are the random noises it makes annoying and more than necessary?


2) Is there an option to turn off the sound?


3) I have heard that it is programmable, is this true?


4) Is it over priced?


5) In your opinion, is it unsophisticated and childish?


6) Can you learn to love it ð???ð??? like you can with the robosapien v2?