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looking for Mindstorms transmitter or schematic

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I know this is probably technically not the correct site for this, but I am hoping you guys can help. I just got a Lego Mindstorms Robotic Inventions System v2.0 #3804, but the infrared tower is missing, among a few other less necessary pieces. I am trying to find either a replacement transmitter or a schematic so I can build my own. ANY help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

Rovio Pivot?? What is that??

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Hi all,

its been a very long time around 1 year since i left robots because I wasn't really interested anymore. It doesn't mean that I'm fully back though. Anyways fumbling through Wowwee's website I found Rovio Pivot. Don't know what that is but it's registered in Wowwee we'll see when it officiall comes out.





Novus Robotics Cape

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On the website, there is a cool robotics cape for the BeagleBone Black called the Novus Robotics Cape.  It was designed by Strawson Design and UCSD's Robots Lab of all places.  I'm trying to buy one but can't find a source.  Is this cape in the MIPS robot?  Does anyone know where I can buy one or the $150 BeagleMiP Robotics Develop[ment kit mentioned here: ? Thanks!

RoboMe controlled with wearable tech, plays games with you too

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I've got a new crowd funding project going for Nanabot, a Windows Phone app that turns RoboMe into a game playing robot that can be controlled via wearable Bluetooth tech.  You can see some videos of a prototype in action on the fundraiser page:

Here's what the Nokia web site had to say about it: