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test a web site issue for me?

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Hey guys... I suspected that my website - - was compromised so I wiped the server and resintalled everything. I received an email today telling me that one of the manuals on my site was giving a 404 Page Not Found error, but it seems to be working fine for me. I have only been able to test it from my local network, but I did try it through Tor, so it should have looked to the server as if it were coming from an outside site.

Anyone from Serbia?

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I was wondering if there is anyone here on RoboCommunity living in Serbia, so we can get together, plan some events, and collaborate on Wow Wee or general robotics. Also, anyone from Serbia, living / studying / working abroad? Or, to "widen the net" even more, anyone of Serbian descent living in the rest of the world?

Mihailo from Belgrade