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Anyone from Serbia?

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I was wondering if there is anyone here on RoboCommunity living in Serbia, so we can get together, plan some events, and collaborate on Wow Wee or general robotics. Also, anyone from Serbia, living / studying / working abroad? Or, to "widen the net" even more, anyone of Serbian descent living in the rest of the world?

Mihailo from Belgrade

HELP!! Need Schematics for Alive! Chimp

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My Dad's a real do-it-yourselfer and is certain he can repair our Chimp if he had schematics or a wiring diagram. He believes a motor may have burned out from overuse/overheating.

 Before stating the obvious, I've already combed through Wowwee's site, but can't seem to find a contact email for customer support, and the only downloads for this product they've made available are a simple user manual.

If you can provide a diagram/schematic, or know Wowwee's customer support email, either would be greatly appreciated.

WowWee 2006 Roboreptile Interactive Robotic Reptile - Remote Problems

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I bought a Roboreptile used - I did not pay much for it and I bought it as is.  The Robot works.  At least it does a start up demo when turned on.  The only thing wrong with him is the shoeld for on the head is missing.  I cannot get the remote to do ANYTHING!!  Any suggestions of what to do or where is the best place to get one resonably priced.  I am wanting to sell once I get everything working.  Thanks for any help you can offer.  I know nothing about these things.