Robot Hacks and Mods


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I bought my beautiful Robosapiens V2 five years ago, but yesterday suddendly switched. I replacement all batteries, but the robot won't turn of, also the eyes are switched. What I can do to repair my Robosapiens?

thank you best regards

I-sobot pronto IR codes

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Let me introduce myself.

I'm a father of two boys who has an I-sobot with no remote controller.

I've tried to send the Ir commands through MCE IR blaster (don't have USB-UIRT) but in vain (found the codes from this site:,8772.0.html

Would someone please share with me the pronto IR codes for any command so that I can translate the others and use the I-sobot with eventghost.

For example forward is  0 01 101 10110111 00000011

Best regards

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I-cybie charger help

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Hi guys,

    I just ordered the battery pack for my I-Cybie, but I can't seem to find the charger for it. I know it can charge from an adapter with the 2 prong connector if I can change it to match the right connector. But, I am having a lot of trouble finding a 3 prong Tamiya connector.

     Should I buy one of those Ni-Cd smart charger like the Airsoft or Tenergy? They only come with 2 prong connectors though. Where would I find a 3 prong connector and would it be the Tamiya kind? I am not sure where to find them.

RoboSapien IR Remote signal format ?

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Would like use an Arduino to drive an IR led, controlling a RoboSapien instead the manual IR remote control.

The Arduino will execute automated routines and send RoboSapien commands via IR.

Stretch project to have 2 or more WowWee Robots interact via automated routine....but first things first....


Is there an IR message format document available ?

Is a IR format like a xxxx TV ( that is how the BoeBot defines their internal program format to run from a TV IR remote)   

Help a Magic Dragon

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My name is Piff the Magic Dragon. You can see me here:

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RSM and RS v2 Vs R-Pi hacks help needed

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Am hoping this forum is still active.   I have RS V2 and RSM ( and a few others ) to play with.  I have looked through the possible hacks on hereand am wandering if anyone has added a R-PI  ( rasberry Pi ) directly to iether robots,   Is this a better alround solution thatn the serial hack.   


As the serial hack is easy, is that the better option.  

Am thinking if i can link it with a R-PI that i can make it autonomus, and PC independant.


Also, is there anyway to do a serial or BT hack on the rs V2