Robot Hacks and Mods

RSV1: A simple switch

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When my $13 Robosapien V1 arrived from eBay I was thrilled. As with most purchases on eBay though, it didn't take long to find a problem with my purchase. There was a glop of packing tape over the power switch with a wad of toilet paper stuck in the middle. The power switch failed and the former owner found an expedient way to be able to advertise that the robot wasin working condition. When the lump of toilet paper was centered over the push button switch and the tape affixed to the robot shell, it held the power switch in the pushed position, permitting the robot to work.

Rovio Encoder Repair

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Hey everyone,

Does anyone have a dead "non-functional" encorder board that you can ship to me. I would like to write another article on how to repair these and give detailed instructions in doing so. I'll also show you where you can get the parts from scrap piles or buying new components. If anyone can send me one or two I'll fix them and ship them back to for FREE. I'm just trying to help you all out for a quick fix rather than waiting months for WowWee to give you the replacements.


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   New to robotics and own a Rovio for my first. My question is...I see all these firmware upgrades and was wondering which & HOW to install these.

   Could someone please explain the advantages of these add ons/upgrades and how does one install them please? Perhaps a reccomendation on which I would want to add and which to stay away from.

   I would appreciate it greatly.

Thanks in advance,

Zoobag ~~~^..^~~

mini roborover hack n mod

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I like the mini roborover chassis as a starting point, mainly because it's tracked and also because it's dirt cheap at $15 bucks at K-mart. lol First pic is the roborover itself.robot 001 Okay, obvoiusly I don't know how to post pics here, so if somebody could explain it to me, it will make this hack description go a lot easier. I plan on MANY photos.

Harbinger of the Robot Apocalypse?

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A Harbinger of the Robot Apocalypse?

Maybe not, but would be freaky to first hear of the Robot Apocalypse from this type of animatronic feed reading robot head!

RSS feed reading robotic chimp-machine hybrid made from a wowwee chimp head and a seriazer WL parasite board. 

Others have covered the general hackings of the chimp, but here I add realistic mouth movement synced to an automated RSS feed reader.

Increase Camera position to eye-level. Possible?

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I work remotely and are researching for solutions better than phones and video chat.

So I got Rovio which is very interesting. However, the camera position is way low on the floor and make the conversation very unnatural. What is the possible hack to adjust the position to eye-level?

I am actually thinking of adding a small netbook + webcam on top of rovio and so others can see me as well as hear me...

Anyone tried this before?

rovio 4wd hack

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i need some help to mod my rovio to make a real good rovio

I am going to make my own 4wd base with 12v battery (wheel motors)and DC to DC converter(for rovio) with custom docking station and add verizon wireless WIFI so i can drive it any where.So can any one help me with these.

1-want to make 4wd so it can go outside and over carpet better but i need to get rid of motor endcoders so when i tell it to turn only the rear motor will spin and not the others.

FemiSapien Paint Job

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Hey, new to the forum but have been stalking you guys for a while now. I bought my Femisapien about 2 days ago and just had to paint her up. I used Acrylic's. They are not exactly "long lasting" paints, but work good at giving your bot/toys or whatever a rustic look.

chesk out my profile pic or watch the vid! :-P

*Note, DONT paint over the IR bit on the chest, even if you clean it, it may not work. Found out the hard way. :-P