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Robots Wow Wee Hacking, made in France!

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Bonjour, hello all,


Avis aux francophones, pour la création d'une communauté de roboticiens hackers, parlant français!

Bien que quelques forums francophones abordent le sujet du hacking des robots commerciaux, et en particulier des robots (jouets) Wow Wee, il n'y a pas encore de communauté spécifique, comme c'est le cas ici, au USA.

Thinking of the Rovio Video improvment

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I just bought a new Rovio this week.  I am glad to see from the community that this Rovio is still not out-of-date. So many lovers are still making good use of it, and even hacking/moding it. Now I have started a very time consuming path to make fully use of my Rovio.

The first impression to me is the dark video images, that I can't even see anything in the evening in the room with all lights on. From the threads here, I know it is a common issue, however I can not endure it in this way. I see following options which may help, and like to see you guys opinion: