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PC based Robosapien control

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In the Robosapien Companion the author made a reference to software to control RSV1. I've seen links all over the web for the PC based Robosapien controller. Robots Dreams has an article from the author that goes on and on about it, but I'll be darned if I can find this software anywhere. Did this ever get built and released or was it just a good idea that never got past talking?

what do i need for robodance

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i am a total newbie to this (wife is good on the pc so halfway there i suppose)

was wondering of sum1 could help me out on :

what is the device i need for the pc to send scripts to my robosapien v2 (ir) ? (for the hacks like robodance etc)

is there a step by step guide showing u exactly how to do it

thanks again


Which WowWee robots are programmable?

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Hi all!

I'm an interested robotics developer and I saw that this forum (and WowWee) is amazing!  I was aware of Robosapien some years ago, but I can see that there are a large set of robots here.

I would like to know which ones of these robots  are programmable, I mean: which robots have an internal processing unit and which kind of processing unit they have (I remember some old Robosapien, hacked to include a Palm PC), if it is PC-compatible, etc.

How to open Tomy DingBot (OMS-B)

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Hi everyone, I am new here. I just start collecting the old vintage robots.

I have got the Tomy DingBot which has to be repaired.

After put the battery in, the motor seem to work but with the wheelcog inside did oftenly make noise and make the robot stop runnning. (Motor is work) So I try to open it with the 4 screws at the bottom but I cannot open to see inside cause there might be some screws at the shoulder/arms (Cannot see it) Afraid to make break it.

Successfully rewired the RSv1 remote (swapped L<->R)

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Yesterday at the second hand clothes market (the used (and in most cases, broken) toys are occasionally appearing there) I spotted an RSv1 remote. It had a strange yellow/red color scheme (not a classic WowWee black/white one) and without a battery compartment door.  But at less then $2 price I bought it just immediately. Later at home, after a disassembly, washing the case and rubber keys and reassembly, it proved to be fully functional (I tested it with my Femisapien).