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Rovio (insert mod here) Mod

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Well so I think I'll take requests and suggestions.  I'm not sure what to do next.  My three ideas right now are to design a secondary camera that can be easily installed and operated using current software.  Or to make a claw.  Or use the Arduino micro computer to add more controls.   The Arduino is the hardest and my favorite.  I'd need a programmers helps though.  Basically I could set the Arduino to be a mini web page s

The Rovio Master Mod

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For today I’ve gone out and taken steps to give our future robot masters one more way to assert control swiftly and painlessly.  In this case my Rovio can control anything that plug's into the wall.  I'm using a lamp right now for fun, but I think when I go out of town I might add some speakers to.

Hover Pod Rip Down

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For those who would like to see the innards of the HoverPod for your next mod or mine which will come soon, Please refer to the gallery for a simple photo how to. Use this thread to guide your self in your next mod for this tiny yet fun IR contolled craft.

I have been having some problems uploading photos for some reason so if the gallery is not up yet just subscribe to this thread and I'll let you know when I have it done. Also my mods will be on this thread as well and I hope your's will be too.




Multiple docks and Rovios

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I have multiple Rovios and have tried to dock them in the same space at the same time. Both beacons for the docks have an id of 0. I could swap out a beacon for one with the selectors on it (stand alone beacon) but I didn't know if it would still be looking for beacon 0 to dock. Anyone else try a two dock scenerio in the same space?