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rsv2 microcontroller installation

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im trying to install a parallax board of education (usb) with a zx 24a in my rsv2 but i need a diagram or somthing to tell me what wires to hack from him to the board im not really trying to alter any lower body movement i just need to know how to add like a 35mm bulb to his arm and power it through or an extra speaker here and there

RSV2 hand help

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Hi All,

I need help with my RSV2's left hand. He fell over when he was on my bench and the plastic chassis of his hand cracked. The motor assembly and sensor are fine but the bracket that holds the black tube for the wire/cables is broke. His hand does nothing because there is no tension on the wire. I have an old V2 and i was wondering can i take the hand off the old V2 and 'transplant' it to my new V2. I've looked at the wire mech for his hand and it looks like a right pain in the a** to do.

Can anyone advise??


RSV2 and static electricity

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Hi all
I'm new to this forum and i just wanted to add something.
Since 2005 i've messing around with Robosapien and then i got my first RSV2.

Please be careful when handling RSV2's camera and main board PCB's. There are two CPU's on his mainboard and they are very susceptible to a static charge. I put my RSV2 back together and switched him on and all i got was a whine not from the motors but from his speaker. I didn't unplug too much from the board and i made a note of what i did unplug.

i need help on the elvis alive!!

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can someone post a good few pics of the bust boards for elvis alive? elv-01, elv-04, elv-05...i need a good pic of the pin connections i believe i have them mixed,,,i am not getting it does not work....i have most of them , i believe right, but i cant find any good close up pics of the boards and i am missing one or two...

Making a Robosapien V1 fall down dead on command

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 Hi, my son is modding a Robosapien V1 with an Arduino controller. As part of the "routine" he's working on he wants to make the robot fall over, as if shot, on command. My initial thought was that he could mod it by adding a servo or a solenoid in or on one of the feet that could push the back of the foot up and topple it, but it is going to be hard to rig and not look that great. motion monitor perl script

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Hey All,

Thanks to all the folks on these forums for the information they've provided. Here's my project in return. I wanted to learn how perl gtk worked to create windows, forms and such so I wrote this script to monitor my rovio.

What it does: gets a picture from the rovio, compares it with a previous picture and, if they are sufficiently different, opens a window and shows some number of images unless a) the image counter runs out or b) there is a new trigger.